Q-Park keeps focus on environment and continues energy-efficient LED-installations in parking houses

Mon, 11/27/2017 - 11:27

Q-Park chose Greenlux Finland Oy as the lighting-supplier in renovation of two parking houses carried out in Sweden in 2017.  The parking garages Pallas in Borås and Hansa in Malmö were equipped with Greenlux's GLE series.  

Both projects were found very successful and Q-park has made a choice to go in for energy-efficient, high-quality lighting from Greenlux in 2018 when additional parking houses in Sweden will be furnished with environmentally friendly LED luminaires. 

The cooperation means that Greenlux supplies the luminaires and lighting calculations, which are to be carried out according to Q-Park's high standards. In addition, Greenlux takes care of the installation in cooperation with selected electrical installers around Sweden. 

Greenlux, celebrating their first decade in LED-industry, has carried out numerous installations in state-owned, municipal and private parking houses around Sweden. Greenlux has also supplied luminaires to several similar projects in other EU countries. 

We at Greenlux are very pleased that Q-Park, a leader in the parking industry, chose Greenlux luminaires and are looking forward to many successful projects together!