GLP 3.0

Following the tradition of continuous development, the Greenlux's panel, the GLP, is getting a new facelift. The all new version of the slim panel is even slimmer, lighter and more cost efficient. It comes in low and high power varieties with luminous efficacy that goes up to an impressive 128 lm/W. This translates to investment costs, and lower running energy costs. The design also offers two light distribution options: a narrow angle, low-glare option relying on quality prismatic optics that is a perfect fit for office-specific applications, and a wide-angle option suitable for other types of facilities and open spaces.



GLP6060 is Greenlux’s signature 600x600mm panel luminaire. It is continuously developed and well recieved by clients. GLP is a versatile panel that fits various indoor applications. It has been used for general lighting in places like office rooms and open offices, hallways and corridors, schools classes and retail facilities to provide a uniform and comfortable lighting.


GLP6060 is available for order in all its versions: a warm white (3000 K) model and a neutral white (4000 K) one in three power varieties. New GLP versions are also available; a tunable white model compatible with human-centric lighting applications, and a high color rendering (CRI > 90) model designed for premium lighting applications.