GLL is the newest addition from Greenlux to its line of retail-oriented products. It is designed as an excellent replacement to conventional grid-style flourescent fixtures, with all the benefits and posibilities that LEDs offer in terms of long life and energy efficiency. It is also available in a high color rendering option.


GLP6060 is Greenlux’s signature 600x600mm panel fixture. Continuously developed and now even slimmer, lighter and more cost efficient, the GLP is a versatile panel designed to fit various indoor applications. It can be seen in places like office rooms and open offices, hallways and corridors, schools classes and retail facilities.


The wide angle GLP6060 option comes with opal diffusion meant to increase the light uniformity, making it flexible enough for general applications, for example, in retail. Whether it is the regular 25 W version or the more powerful 44 W version, the GLP comes with high luminous efficacies promising uniform and high quality lighting with great energy savings.