A Greenlux Reintroduction

To, 10/27/2016 - 10:01

A while has passed since the Greenlux website changed its look, and with it came the need and the plan to be more interactive with our customers. This grants a new introduction to our valued potential customers about the company and what it does.

Greenlux is a relatively young company; founded in Finland in 2007, it is just shy of ten years old. Built green from the first day, the company's focus is always on efficiency and friendliness to the environment. Greenlux was established with the advent of LED technologies in lighting applications to provide general lighting exclusively using LEDs. This made it one of the pioneers of LED lighting solutions. It is for these reasons that Greenlux is a proud member of Cleantech Finland, an organization for the promotion of environmental awareness and eco-friendly businesses.

The company's big break happened in 2009 when it successfully supplied its fixtures to the parking houses in Arlanda airport complex in Stockholm, Sweden. This was the first large scale installation of an LED based general lighting done in the Nordic region, putting Greenlux on the map as one of the region's first and strongest players.

Our work includes the development, production and delivery of products in the lines of lighting applications we are specialized in; namely offices, parking houses, industrial facilities and storages, in addition to retail. We also work closely with our partners to provide some of the latest technologies in lighting like an indoor positioning system, smart lighting and a highly tuneable lighting system for wellbeing applications. Another area of expertise we are proud of, is providing Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) services to our partners and clients; an area in which we have a proven track record.

Today, Greenlux enjoys an international status backed by quality certifications --like EAC and CCC, allowing it to supply and deliver products to various locations around the world. Our fixtures are currently lighting up facilities in Asia in countries like China and Thailand; in Europe in countries and regions including The UK and Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe in addition to Russia and the Nordics. All this with the desire and capability to expand further. The company is continuing a line of growth in markets and products powered by the trust of its valued customers and the desire to make a difference.